Project Catwalk 2012

SLCC Fashion Institute presents: 
Project Catwalk 2012
Inspired by the following designers:
Emilio Pucci
Christian Dior 
Charles James 

Announcing the winners for the 2012 Project Catwalk!

Tie for 3rd place: 
Emma Gleave & Ana Evans 

2nd place: 
Angelica Gutierrez

1st Place:
Crystal Woodward!

Everyone did a great job! :) 

The names of the students who participated this year! 
Rosalie Roberts
Angelica Gutierrez 
Crystal Woodward
Karina Lua
Yaritza Torres
Cody Valdez
Yiseul Kang
Blake Henderson
Youjin Kim
Natalie Larson
Julia Black
Erin Pierce
Samantha Hone
Megan Fullmer
Madeline White
Brittani Poulsen
Holly Brassfield
Emma Gleave
Shealyn Beckes
Katie Cuell
Ana Evans

Thank you all for a great show this year! 

There are more pics being loaded up on our Facebook page.
to see the pictures of the workshops and different activities we had! 



Raw Couture' Performance 2012

Here is a re-cap in case you missed the 2012 Raw Couture' show!

We had a fabulous show!
After a few minutes the judges came up with the winners for 2012 Raw Couture'

3rd place: Franklynn Stott
2nd place: Sterling Bitsue

And 1st place went to:

Ashley Forakis

A special thank you to ALL our beautiful designers for